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The Phoenix Kingdom

Endless Fantasy Online Book I

Lucas “Luke” Patterson, an ordinary geeky college student, gets a summer job at Vortex Industries. His summer job is to test a new virtual reality game using the Vortex Capsule, a machine capable of fully immersing you into virtual reality.

His first session is life-changing, and he quickly becomes engrossed in a new fantasy world. Things are going great until a rogue hacking group attacks the servers that host the game, trapping all the players inside. Things get even worse when a dark force gains power and have sinister plans for Endless Fantasy Online.

Can Luke and his new friends survive the dark forces that are on the rise? Will he, and the other players, be able to cope with the fact that they can’t return to Earth? Will Vortex Industries find the hacking group responsible and save the players?

Find answers to all of this and more in Endless Fantasy Online: The Phoenix Kingdom!





The Elk Kingdom

Endless Fantasy Online Book II

After the Battle for the Phoenix Kingdom, Luke and his friends have been given a quest by the princess herself. Heading out into the wild, the party quickly finds themselves in the thralls of adventure when they are ambushed by a group of bandits. While distracted by a bandit infestation, the Crimson Shadow Guild, led by Shadow Incarnate, is quickly gaining power.

The party has to make it to the Elk Kingdom and bring King Henry home. While in the Elk Kingdom, Luke and company receive training in their new classes and gain new skills. It all boils down to one simple question: Will it be enough?

Will Luke and his party gain the skills they need to combat the growing darkness? Can he and his party muster the strength and courage needed to protect Endless Fantasy Online? Will darkness take over the land?

Find answers to all of these and more in Endless Fantasy Online: The Elk Kingdom!



Devin Auspland

Author Of LitRPG

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    I live outside Buffalo NY with my wife, 2 dogs and 2 cats. By day I work as a Contracts Manager but I’m a author by night.

    After enjoying several Fantasy and LitRPG books, I decided it was time to create my own cast of characters and world to put them in.