I create LitRPG, GameLit, Cultivation, Dungeon Core, Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels for the enjoyment of my fans. I release my books as e-books, paperbacks, hardcovers (coming soon) and audiobooks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Current Releases

by release date

Endless Fantasy Online: The Phoenix Kingdom (kindle, paperback, audio)
Endless Fantasy Online: The Elk Kingdom (kindle, paperback, audio)
The Boneless Dungeon: Rebirth (kindle, paperback, audio)
The Boneless Dungeon: Experiment (kindle, paperback, audio)

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Upcoming Releases

The Arbiter: Midgard (Release Date of April 1st)
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Discord & Patreon Update

Hey Everyone! I created a customer Discord channel for my author page. You can discuss my books, books in general, video games or anything else you can think of. Come check it out.https://discord.gg/evf52tCE I’m giving Read more…

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