The Boneless Dungeon: Rebirth

In a world of sword and sorcery, Breck died and was reborn as a dungeon core, a specialized living gem in charge of creating and managing a dungeon. Unlike most dungeons, he was handicapped with the inability to create bones, the very building blocks that comprise most living creatures. Breck just wants his life back, his humanity, and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. Even if that means killing the hordes of adventurers that want to plunder his depths so that he can gain the power to transcend.

Zach, a new adventurer, is given the quest to find the source of new cosmic energy that has made itself known, the same cosmic energy that creates dungeon cores. It’s the lucky break he’s been waiting for his whole life. But he’ll face opposition that will see him dead before they let him complete his quest.

Despite his inability to create monster’s with bones, can Breck gain enough essence to rank up and become human again or will he be forever trapped as a dungeon? Will Zach be able to live long enough to complete his quest while other guild members are hunting him? What happens when Zach’s and Breck’s paths collide? Find all this out and more in this exciting GameLit, The Boneless Dungeon: Rebirth.

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Lucas "Luke" Patterson


Luke is a shy college student with a bow, who learns botany from an NPC. After unlocking his Magic Affinities and meeting his new guild, he learns to be a powerful Ranger.

Penelope "Penny"

shielder class

Penny meets Luke while he's working at Rose Alchemy. After learning hes a Traveler, and a decent person, she invites him to party and meet her guild. Penny wields a large shield to perform her role as a Tank.


Barbarian class

Nanoc wields a large double handed battle axe. The barbarian is a shirtless force or rage that lays waste to the monsters of Endless Fantasy Online.


rogue class

Backstabber, Backstab is a member of the Travelers 4 Hire guild and party member to Luke. Always getting in trouble and shouting his catchphrase "Backstab" at every opportunity.

What early readers are saying

I have given out the first half of the book for review and this is what people are saying. None of it is bias ofcourse....
Quynh Nhu Auspland

Quynh Nhu Auspland

Avid reader

"My husband... I mean this author, has done a really good job at creating a fantasy world with rules and mystery. I can't wait for the finished book to come out and will be pre-ordering my copy."

Keith Auspland

Keith Auspland

Retired military

"The pacing of the book is great. He gets right into the thick of things and doesn't bore you with a lot of the details. My only complaint is that I only got half the book! Where is the full book so I can find out what happens to Luke!"

Breck Borges

Breck Borges

programmer and reader

"Wow! What a fun read. The book so far is exciting, fun, action packed and leaves you wanting more. I can't wait to get a signed copy from my best friend... from the author."


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Writing Update

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Book II of The Boneless Dungeon is now at over 70k words! It is scheduled to be done by the end of this year and pre-orders will Read more…

Writing Update

I just wanted to check in with all of you and provide you a writing update. The Boneless Dungeon: Experiment (Book II) is currently at 40,000 words. That’s a little more than a third done. Read more…

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