Hello! My name is Devin Auspland, a LitRPG author. My first book, Endless Fantasy Online: The Phoenix Kingdom is now available on Amazon and Audible!

The book follows protagonist Lucas “Luke” Patterson, an ordinary geeky college student who gets a summer job at Vortex Industries. His summer job is to test a new virtual reality game using the Vortex Capsule, a machine capable of fully immersing ones conciseness into virtual reality.

His first session is life changing and he quickly becomes engrossed in a new fantasy world. Things are going great until a rogue hacking group attacks the servers that host the game, trapping all the players inside. Things get even worse when a dark force begins to gain power and has sinister plans for the future of Endless Fantasy Online.

Can Luke and his new friends survive the dark forces that are on the rise? Will he, and the other players, be able to coop with the fact that they can’t return to Earth? Will Vortex Industries find the hacking group responsible and save the players?

Find answers to all of this and more in Endless Fantasy Online: The Phoenix Kingdom!


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