The Arbiter: Midgard is now available for pre-order. No, this is not an April Fool’s Day prank. This masterpiece will be available on April 1st for Kindle. Paperback and Hardcover to release shortly after with the audio book in the works.

Roughly 110k words or roughly 500 pages, this thing is literally action packed.

Pre-Order Here:

Tags: LitRPG, Norse Mythology, Redemption, Med-High Chunk, Action-Packed

Is it possible for justice in a Virtual Realm full of criminals? Jailed for eternity for a crime he didn’t commit, Toaby is sent to Yggdrasil, a virtual reality prison based on Norse Mythology. Artificial Intelligences embodying the Norse Gods run the prison. They offer Toaby the unique class of Arbiter and task him with bringing order to their world full of Earth’s worst criminals. Reluctant to accept, the Gods offer him the chance to clear his name for a job well done.

With the arrival of the arbiter, a virtual cage of linked minds receives a new dose of truth. Finding unlikely allies in his new prison, Toaby sets out on his mission to lay down the law. He proceeds to do so until he crosses paths with a raiding group led by mass-murderer and psychopath Max, who vows to destroy everything Toaby stands for.

Can Toaby bring justice to a land full of lawless rangers? Will he ever be able to convince his daughter he’s not guilty of her mother’s murder? Can he survive amongst the world’s worst criminals? Find out this and more in, The Arbiter: Midgard!

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