The book is done and editing has begun! I finished writing late in the evening on July 28th, and the final word count was right around 86,000, but its rough. Most of the book was written during coffee fueled all night writing sessions that ran well into the morning. Because of this, I have started my self edits with the assistance of professional editing software.

Every time I finish editing a chapter, I send it to my two editors for them to review it in parallel, and fix all the things a piece of software can’t. They are also looking at things like the flow and general story comments that I can improve on.

The editing process is going to take longer than I originally anticipated but I’m still hoping that everything will be done by the end of August, and the book should be available by then. I have also taken the time to format the book into Kindle and Paperback versions in order to have it ready for upload when the edits are complete.

Stay tuned and I will update you when the book goes live!


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