Hello Everyone, Update Time!

Been getting some great feedback on the first book, The Phoenix Kingdom, both through Amazon Reviews and people reaching out. Thank you to everyone for that and for leaving reviews, it goes a long way in sharing my story with new readers.

The Audiobook is on track for a late September release and I can’t wait to share that with all of you. The narrator has been doing an amazing job at bringing my characters to life. I will post as soon as there is a firm date for that.

Whats next? I have started work on Endless Fantasy Online: The Elk Kingdom! So far the storyboard is done and Chapter One is complete. I’m currently working on Chapter Two and then I will send those off to my editors. Don’t expect anything too soon on that as there is a lot of writing and editing left to do but it is in work.

Let me close with a personal thank you to everyone who gave my book a read. I’m really happy that most of you are liking it and can’t wait to bring you more of Luke and his crazy adventure.

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