Hello Everyone. I have an announcement to make.

With the tragic loss my grandmother to cancer, I have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from my next book, Endless Fantasy Online: The Elk Kingdom, to the Roswell Cancer Institute to help facility cancer research and care for those afflicted with the disease.

My grandmother was a very special person to a lot of people, myself included. I will always love her and will forever miss her. The Roswell Cancer Institute were vital in her care and helped make everything easier. They treated her when she first got cancer and helped her get into recovery. They treated her again when cancer resurfaced a year later. Unfortunately it was stronger and un-treatable the second time. Through all of this, they were indispensable and everyone who works there is amazing.

I am honored and blessed to make this announcement and hope that what I can give will make the difference in someones life.
I love you grandma and will do everything I can to honor you.


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